The world needs help. The planet is a mess, people are hungry, homeless, some don’t even own a pair of shoes. As an individual thinking about the state of the world, it can seem overwhelming. After all, how can one person even begin to fix all of these things? One person simply can’t do it all. However, when many individuals work together the results can be amazing. One super easy way to make a huge difference is shopping though companies that care. There are many companies around the world that care about people, animals, and the planet. Spending money on products from these companies is something that shoppers can feel good about. Not only are they getting great products, but they’re doing something good for others.

Consider shopping for a Swell water bottle. The benefits from this just keep on giving. These are reusable. This means fewer S’well water bottles clogging up the landfill. This is something wonderful for the planet. Imagine if everyone picked up one of these bottles and refilled it, it would make a huge difference. These bottles can be used for other things as well. They keep cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot. Perfect for those who want something they can easily take with them on the run. In addition to doing wonderful things for the planet, the company partners with different charities and donates to these charities. This is such a great thing.

When new shoes are needed, it makes sense to buy them from a company who donates shoes to those who don’t have any. You have to spend the money anyway, this way it does double duty. It may be hard to believe how much a pair of shoes means, unless you’ve ever been forced to go without them.

Even something as simple as looking for products that offer points to schools is a great way to help. Family members can donate these points to the school of their choice. These points translate into much needed cash and products that underfunded schools can use to help them afford needed supplies to aid them in their teaching.

The next time it’s time to shop for something, consider opting to shop those companies who are striving to make a difference in the world. It feels wonderful to know that something you did is making such a huge difference in the life of another person in the world.